How to change Play Store region without VPN (Working as of August 2016)

Tested as of Summer 2016. I don't know this method still work today but please comment if this trick still work

If you already enter your payment details and bought something in Play Store, VPN/proxy trick no longer work. If you want to change region, follow the steps or simple download apps and games at which are not avaliable in Play Store.

Account changes will apply within a week!!!

1. On your computer, go to your personal info an login with your Google account

2. Remove your phone number. Make sure the location sharing is not enabled.

4. Add language "English (United states)" and delete other languages

6. Click on the gear icon in top-right corner

7. Edit your customer details. Change your country to US and put fake US Address, click save

here is my example:

yeah i know i misspelled Los Angeles but it doesn't matter how you spell

8. Disable Wi-Fi and Mobile data

9. On your device, open Settings -> Apps

10. Clear data of Google Play Settings and Play Store

Android 4.2.x and up: On Google Play Services, Click on Manage space and clear all data

11. Reboot your device

12. Enable Wi-Fi or Mobile data

That's all. Now you have to wait few days until your changes apply and the Play Store will automatically change the region to US without any notice. If the region still not changed, repeat the step 8 to 12 again.




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