Spoofing ping indicator using GameGuardian (Visual hacking)

This tutorial is very old and maybe useless for you but why not share it anyway, if I still have it on my hard drive? this prove that visual hacking is useful sometimes. You get the idea :D

Can't play multiplayer? stuck in tutorial? Well you can change value of ms using GameGuardian to make the game think your connection is good

GameGuardian require rooted device. If you don't have rooted device, you can use Bluestacks App Player on PC and root it using Kingroot app and play NFS NL in it.

NFS NL chinese version is a beta program that existed between 24-8-2016 to 7-9-2016. I don't remember any infomation about chinese version anymore

1. Download GameGuardian https://gameguardian.net/download

2. Install it on your device

3. Run GameGuardian and let it install. Allow root access if asked. 

4. Press START to run GameGuardian. The floating icon will show on the screen

5. Run the game

6. Tap on floating icon of GameGuardian to open it and select [xxxx] NEED FOR SPEED that does NOT have weird package name below

7. Go back to the game, look at ms and remember it

8. Open GameGuardian and pause the game quickly

9. Press "Known" Search the value of ms, select AUTO (SLOW)  and press search.

10. All the values are found but there are too many. Go back to the game

11. Wait until ms changes. If it changes, remember it. Open GameGuardian and pause the game quickly again

12. Press "Known" and search the excat value of ms. Now there are 2 results left

13. Select the value, change it to 100, freeze it and press YES

14. Go back to the game and you will see that ms is now 100 which means you can play multiplayer, even on slow connection like 500 ms.

15. Tada!

Modify the value of ms doesn't mean that it will make connection faster. The game check how good your connection is and it will prevent you from playing multiplayer if ms is above 300 ms. Playing the multiplayer with slow connection to china may cause lags... :)


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