Il2CppDumper GUI Tool


Extract .NET metadata from il2cpp binaries. (types, methods, fields, etc.)


- Net Framework 4.7.2

- Windows 7 and above


GUI Features:

·         Set output directory

·         Set registration offsets

·         Drag and drop support

·         Save settings

·         Log output in realtime

·         Support APK and IPA dump automation

·         Switch between Il2CppDumper and Il2CppInspector



How to use:

Android: Drop APK to start dump automation or extract file from lib folder and extract global-metadata.dat from \Data\Managed\Metadata\ and select them


iOS: Drop IPA to start dump automation or extract binary file that does not have a file extension and extract global-metadata.dat from \Data\Managed\Metadata\ and select them


PC: Select GameAssembly.dll as executeable file and select global-metadata.dat from [Game name]\il2cpp_data\Metadata


Nintendo Switch: Select .nso file (Note: Il2CppDumper only)


PS4: Select .prx/.sprx file (Note: Il2CppInspector only, PS Vita is not currently supported)


Drag and dropping files are supported


Switch dumper mode if you like to use other dumper


Press START when you are ready


For more details, see more at Github pages



Can't dump / Protected games:

If you can't dump, try the following methods (Il2CppInspector partially support decrypting some protected games)


If none of these method helps, maybe do some reversing and decrypt it by yourself



Perfare (Il2CppDumper)

Djkaty (Il2CppInspector)

AndnixSH (GUI)


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