How to backup/export split APK (App bundles) (NO root & root)

As you know, when you backed up a 'base' apk, it doesn't come with lib folder due to splitted apks (developers deliver apps as Android app bundles.)
Other APK extraction tools in the Play store cannot properly backup split apks/app bundles unless they implemented to support backing up split apks/app bundles

Important: It is recommended that you only use your ARMv7 device for APK backup since it come with ARMv7 config that works for all ABIs: ARMv7, ARM64, x86 and x86_64
Do not use x86 unless ARM really doesn't work on x86 devices/emulators

No root method #1 - Split APK Installer (SAI) app:
Now Lucky Patcher is no longer the only app that can properly backup split APK. Split APK Installer now have it too since 2.0 release

Download APK:

Open the app

Click on Export

An FAQ message will prompt for the first time

A list of splitted apps will appear. Click on the blue icon to Export on the right side


When done, exported apps are stored as a .apks file which is a ZIP archive containing all the split APKs

No root method #2 - X-plore app:
X-plore now support copying split APK files from App manager. It will automatically copy as .zip file containing all split APK files

If you can't see App manager, click Show and check App manager

No root method #3 - Lucky Patcher app:
The only app that can properly backup app bundles is Lucky Patcher. If you know other apps that can backup app bundles, please share them here.
Due to the fact its main use is to patch out licenses and ads, it is banned from Play store and Play Protect considers it harmful app. So make sure you only download it from its official website

Open Lucky Patcher. In the list, you will see the 3 blue dots icon besides the lucky icon. It means the app is splitted.


Press and hold an app to bring the menu

Click on Backup -> Backup .apk file


If succeeded it will tell you the location


Open your favorite file manager app (In this case I use X-plore)

Navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/ru.YZHCKlfh.NMlYQHkce/files/LuckyPatcher/Backup

Here you can see it backed up with .APKS file extension

It's a zip compression so you can just open as ZIP

Root method:
If your device is rooted, it is really simple

If you use X-plore, make sure to enable root access Superuser + mount writeable

Navigate to /data/app/(packagename)-(number)
Copy base.apk and all the split apk to your desired location

How to install split APK:


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