How to hide Magisk Delta-Kitsume Mask from root detections

MagiskHide allows you to hide apps from detecting Magisk and root, prevent showing incompatile device or fake bugs such as crashes, stuck, connection error. Not all apps can be bypased because they may have new detection methods and new ways of circumventing MagiskHide.

This tutorial is for Magisk-Delta only, and it is not an officially supported topjohnwu project. If you are using official Magisk source, you are in the wrong place, please read this tutorial:

Let’s get started

Open Magisk-Delta and open settings on the top-right corner

Image 2023 06 01 19 20 07.png

Under App sction click on Hide the magisk app

Image 2023 06 01 19 21 28.png

You will be prompted how the app should be called. The default name is Settings. Click OK when you are done

Image 2023 06 01 19 21 35.png

Please wait for a few seconds.Don’t do anything until it relaunches. After it relaunches, we will enable MagiskHide

Open Settings again, scroll down to MagiskHide section and enable it. Now click Configure MagiskHide

Image 2023 06 01 19 20 19.png

Choose the apps you would like to hide from detection

Image 2023 06 01 19 20 37.png

Now you can close Magisk-Delta. If MagiskHide is not taking effect, reboot the system



Play Integrity Fix module:
Play Integrity Fix attempts to fix Play Integrity verdicts to get a certified device on bootloader unlocked devices. IT WILL NOT WORK ON EMULATORS!

Download the module here:

See Wiki before using Play Integrity Fix module:

Play Integrity Fix needs a working fingerprint. If you are too lazy to find a fingerprint, use playcurl module to automatically pull a working fingerprint for you

Download the here:

Instructions here: to use with play integrity by chiteroman

Check if your device pass both Basic Integrity or Device Integrity using TB checker app or similar


Hide My Applist Xposed module
Hide My Applist can work as an Xposed module to hide apps or reject app list requests, and provides some methods to test whether you have hidden your app list properly.



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