How to root Virtual Master & install Xposed

Virtual Master - Android Clone app does not have switches to turn on root and Xposed in settings, but there is a secret way to root and install xposed easly. This is intended to avoid the violation of the terms of service of Play Store I think. The developer has told peoples in Telegram Group to do this way.

If you want to report bugs or freature request, please send feedback to the developer via Virtual Master app (For you > Feedback), or join the official Telegram group I can’t offer you with support since I don’t use Virtual Master as a daily driver

How to import to root VM & install Xposed

First, download Superuser, Magisk or Xposed Installer to your physical device

Magisk (Android 7.1.2 & 9.0):
Superuser APK (Android 5.1.1 & 7.1.2):
Xposed Installer (Android 5.1.1 & 7.1.2):

Warning: Never try to install the APK directly inside VM, because it won’t work. Instead, import the app via "Add Apps"
Do NOT use Superuser and Magisk at the same time

Open Virtual Master app and start your VM

Open Add apps


At the right-bottom, click on the plus icon


Select the APK file as mentioned above (Superuser, Magisk or Xposed Installer). I’m using X-plore app to select file


VM will detect it and ask to restart VM, click Confirm to restart


After restarting, the VM will be automatically rooted if you imported Superuser or Magisk APK. Follow the same excat steps again if you want to install Xposed. The Xposed framework would also be automatically installed if you imported it

Here is my results when I rooted VM and installed Xposed:

Magisk installed on Android 7.1.2


Superuser installed on Android 7.1.2. No missing SU binary prompt


Xposed activated on Android 7.1.2


How to uninstall Superuser, Magisk or Xposed
Open VM settings


The switches will appear if rooted or Xposed installed. Turn them off



If you turn it off, the switches will disappear after you exit the VM Settings. You would have to import again if you want to enable them


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