How to fix Magisk modules deleting itself from Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)

This is a known bug:

So this is how to temporary fix it:

Be careful when using file manager on the data partition. Any user mistakes can brick WSA entirely, so please make a backup before proceeding

Use any file manager of your choice. I’m using X-plore

Make sure that root access with read/write is enabled in file manager settings if available (In X-plore: Root access must be “Superuser + Mount writeable”)

First pane: Go to /data/adb/modules/(your installed module)
Second pane:
Go to /data/adb/modules_update/(your installed module)

Copy all files and overwrite from /data/adb/modules_update/(your installed module) to /data/adb/modules/(your installed module)



DELETE the file called “update” from /data/adb/modules/(your installed module)


Repeat the same steps on other modules

When you are done, DELETE the modules_update folder


Reboot WSA via Magisk app. The modules should be working now


Watch the video:


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