HeileiOSX/HLSimulator - The real iOS emulator (Chinese)

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Heilei/HLSimulator and Nut Simulator/AppleSeed are the only real emulators for Windows with limitation so far. Do not trust some various money hungry fake blogger websites who claims there are thousands of best iOS Emulators to run iOS apps on PC, whatever, except iEmulators that are hosting 3rd party emulation apps for iOS (it's a good website for non-jb tho). Forget all about fake articles.

This emulator runs iOS 9.2, ARM64

Note:It's possible to install IPA but only available for developers, see more about it https://www.heilei.com/news_content-79.html
Jailbreak is not possible
App Store cannot be added because emulator is based on Xcode
AMD not supported. Stay tuned

Official website: 

System Requirements:
 Intel I3 and above
RAM: 8G memory
Graphics card: Support for openGL
Hard Disk: SSD

China No.1
Ten years waiting for the people to create

Experience Apple mobile apps and games on the PC at any time

Unparalleled big screen experience
Give full play to the superior computing power of computer performance, drive applications and games to run smoothly and smoothly
Keyboard and mouse operation, speed and open, virtual positioning gives you great control

Super synchronous rescue mobile phone
Open the Black Ray Apple desktop version to seamlessly connect your phone
Application synchronization, game data synchronization, information flow synchronization...
Let the phone return to the mobile scene


Help & FAQ:
Please visit my website for tutorials and how to install in english. They are translated by Google Chrome and saved into html

Or you can go to official website and translate it using Google Chrome

If you have trouble registering, just use this account

Phone number: 17071879744
Password: platinmods

Phone number: 17096414324
Password: platinmods

Don't change the password. I can recover it back if it happens. Let anyone use emulator they want
If you want own account, get a free/paid chinese phone number for it


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