LUA & LUAC Decryption and Encryption tool to mod Cocos2dlua games

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only, this is not for all games. Please do not message me for help

This tools will help you to modded games that has libcocos2dlua. but you dont need to modded, cause you just need to modded file .lua or .luac file only and you can find the file in Name.apk\assets\src (All .lua or .luac file in there). but in some games maybe their Signature or the KEY is encrypted in .so file, so you need to Analyz\Decrypt\Bypass\Crack their Encryption to get the Signature or the KEY to decrypt .lua or .luac file. And for people who know about lua programming maybe will easy to modded cocos2dlua games!!

- IDA Pro
- Notepad++
- My Tools
- Example Games: 
Manga Allstar - Apps on Google Play

- First, open 1 .lua or .luac file with notepad to Check the Signature

- Open with IDA Pro and Search String with keyword "main.lua or that Signature that you found in the file before"

- in here you will can see the Signature and the KEY file in there

- put the Signature and the KEY in the Tools, after that Click Button "Decrypt" and then it will decrypt the file, like this

- after decrypt the file Success, then it will look like this

after you modded file then dont forget to Encrypt the modded file, " just select or Drag the modded file to the tools" then Encrypt it with the same Signature and the KEY (if Signature and the KEY not like old one, then it will make games force close/Blacsreen).

Note: Sometimes after you decrypt the file, maybe it has string encryption too, like this games 
Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG - Apps on Google Play

Download Link Here:

Author: Mika Cybertron


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