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UnityEX supports two modes of use - running with an interface and batch processing files in console mode.
The main buttons are the opening of the archive, you can also drag the required file into the program window. After opening, a context menu is available by right-clicking on the list of files, where it is possible to extract the selected files with conversion or raw if conversion is not provided, as well as immediately all the necessary files by type. Reverse packing in interface mode is possible only with the “Pack files” button.
Unpacking and packing of files is done next to the archive into a folder or from the folder Unity_Assets_Files[archive name]\ here are Raw files or just files from the archive. The following folders contain files that have been processed or converted in some way. For example, the Textures, Fonts, Sounds, Movies, Sprite, Mesh folders.

Textures - textures source .tex files, the file itself can only be a header, the main bitmap data is in additional .resS files, converted to dds, png, ktx, pvr, crn, depending on the format and settings.
Fonts - original .font_raw, converted to ttf, otf.
Sounds - original .snd, the file itself is just a header, the main sound track data is in additional .resource files, converted to fsb.
Movies - original .mov, the file itself is just a header, the main video track data is in additional .resource files, converted to webm, m4v, mp4, ogm.
Sprite - original .sprite, converted to png, contain the same data as in the textures, only cut out the desired sprite with resizing support.
Mesh - original .mesh, converted to obj.

The Mono folder contains a directory of recognized MonoBehaviour files (files that can contain text), initially these files do not have a name and by default only have a structure type number with a minus sign or number 114. From version to version, this number and the chosen name by default may change , so there is a “MonoBehaviour” button for this, which performs name recognition by the scripts related to them, a part of the beginning of the source file is also cut off a little, which can also change from version to version.

The Dump folder contains text files of parsed files according to the structure template. Support only in the Ultimate version. Connected templates are displayed in gui mode with True labelin the right side of the window next to the corresponding structure from the file with the type number. That is, in these dumps, you can change lines without using third-party software designed to extract them from binary files, well, you may only need some other parser to get lines from this text dump, as well as insert them. EX_REPLACER_TEXT is laid out below, where you can get only the desired text using a regular expression script. Support is available for bundles in them, templates are located immediately in the archive, there is support for pulling templates (txt) from dll for assets archives by connecting the dumper_dll_class program, it is connected from the settings indicating the folder where this program is located, and there may also be other additional format conversion software. You can connect templates xml, txt, xml can be included even in the form of structures with data from a file, you can also include binary templates from bundle files. Extraction and insertion of dumps of data file structures is performed in the formatXML .
On cpp2il projects, there is no such support for obtaining templates, since there is no dll (it is possible only from bundles from the StreamingAssets folder), but thanks to the connection of templates, you can connect a template obtained from another project or from the same bundle from the same project, thereby you can get a dump structures with data from the file, the reverse insertion will also be performed on this structure. The program has a check whether the xml template matches the contents in the archive by GUID, if it matches, the template will be included in the True value, without messages. A partial match is also possible and the template will also be included, but there is no guarantee about accuracy, this will be reported. (It is rumored that dll can be obtained, but only for android projects that have a .so file, in addition to global-metadata.dat)
This dump xml format can be useful for editing any numerical data, for example, from the created SDF font in the unit to make edits to the metrics file and adapt it to run on another game or project.
Also for the LanguageSource and LanguageSourceAsset formats, in order to get the necessary text, since these localization files contain the texts of all languages used in the project.

To automatically convert textures from non-standard formats such as CRN or BC6-7 DX10-12 bitmaps to standard ones such as DXT5, you can simply put next to the program nwn_crunch.exe for crn and texconv.exe for DX10-12 formats. Links to these programs are located next to the plugins for these formats.


  • support for archive versions 4, 5, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
  • support for 2019 bundle and 2020 and higher versions is available in the paid version of Ultimate. (Performance tested up to 2022.1.4, in theory it should work even higher).
  • support AssetBundles(Unity3D) UnityRaw
  • support AssetBundles(Unity3D) UnityWeb
  • support AssetBundles(Unity3D) UnityFS
  • .splitX support (Android)
  • GUI and console mode support
  • export of all and selected files from the archive in GUI mode
  • export of all files and files by type from archive in console mode
  • algorithm for bulk import of files from the directory extracted in one go Sizes of imported files are absolutely not important
  • English localization
  • support for archives of console platforms (PS3)
  • support for ttf fonts or extract font_raw coordinate metric
  • text file support
  • support for recognizing the names of monobehaviour files and their types according to the script nested in them
  • texture conversion support (DDS, CRN, KTX, PVR)
  • support for atlases by a recognized monobehaviour file with the UIAtlas type, splitting and collecting sprites, it is possible to resize images by recreating the atlas in ShoeBox or TexturePacker programs with xml metrics. Available in Ultimate version.
  • support . sprite and . SpriteAtlas 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 5.5.5, 5.6.2, 2017.4.x - 2018 - 2022. (Not guaranteed for 2017.2.x). Available in Ultimate version.
  • support for processing textures from external ResS resources when extracting files from assets
  • support for video files. Available in Ultimate version.
  • support for audio files. Available in Ultimate version.
  • support for processing sound files from external resources resource when extracting files from assets. Available in Ultimate version.
  • support for extracting mesh to obj and smd via “View GameObjects” (models, bones, textures), no animation for old versions 4-5 of the unit, no further support for models is planned.
  • file name search
  • search for text in files
  • support for adding files. Available in Ultimate version.
  • support for adding assets. Available in Ultimate version.
  • getting templates from bundles for all files present in them, the ability to support is indicated by the value true in the list of formats. From version 5 - 2023 and above… Available in the Ultimate version.
  • obtaining templates from a dll for MonoBehaviour using a third-party dumper_dll_class program. Requires a lot of values from the archive, so it is only available in the Ultimate version. Support 5, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022.1.x. (Missing for 2022.2.x and not guaranteed for higher versions, since Assembly-CSharp started to be missing and il2cpp projects started to appear, this support is not available for such projects).
  • support for processing and connecting nested templates from bundles and templates from dlls to files in the archive with their conversion to dumps. Available in Ultimate version.
  • export and import of file dumps in xml format. Available in Ultimate version.

Download UnityEX yandex

Download UnityEX dropbox

Collection of bat files for console mode

UnityEX_Soft for additional file conversion and getting xml text dumps, the folder is connected from the UnityEX settings

Several xml templates for cpp2il projects


DragonZH - https://forum.zoneofgames.ru/topic/36240-unityex/


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