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UnityEX supports two modes of use - running with an interface and batch processing files in console mode.
The main buttons are the opening of the archive, you can also drag the required file into the program window. After opening, a context menu is available by right-clicking on the list of files, where it is possible to extract the selected files with conversion or raw if conversion is not provided, as well as immediately all the necessary files by type. Reverse packing in interface mode is possible only with the “Pack files” button.
Unpacking and packing of files is done next to the archive into a folder or from the folder Unity_Assets_Files[archive name]\ here are Raw files or just files from the archive. The following folders contain files that have been processed or converted in some way. For example, the Textures, Fonts, Sounds, Movies, Sprite, Mesh folders.

Textures - textures source .tex files, the file itself can only be a header, the main bitmap data is in additional .resS files, converted to dds, png, ktx, pvr, crn, depending on the format and settings.
Fonts - original .font_raw, converted to ttf, otf.
Sounds - original .snd, the file itself is just a header, the main sound track data is in additional .resource files, converted to fsb.
Movies - original .mov, the file itself is just a header, the main video track data is in additional .resource files, converted to webm, m4v, mp4, ogm.
Sprite - original .sprite, converted to png, contain the same data as in the textures, only cut out the desired sprite with resizing support.
Mesh - original .mesh, converted to obj.

Paid version of UnityEX
Ultimate version, support for Unity up to 2020-2021 and possibly higher, processing of sounds, videos, sprites, processing of text dumps.

Payment is made using the details in the program. Need to contact @DragonZH, upon payment he will send the key.
Transferring the key to other people is not allowed, otherwise the key will be blocked!
It is also possible to block the key when using a VPN or proxy!

Check the forum page for more details about using console mode, Format processing programs, Programs for fonts and text and other information
Forum: UnityEX
Archived: UnityEX


Download UnityEX yandex

Download UnityEX dropbox

Collection of bat files for console mode

UnityEX_Soft for additional file conversion and receiving xml text dumps, the folder is connected from the UnityEX settings

Several xml templates for cpp2il projects




DragonZH - UnityEX


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