How to dump iOS Il2Cpp games

You might remember a long time ago I wrote a tutorial how to dump iOS Il2Cpp games manually, means you have to find the offset by yourself. Today, you don’t have to dump manually anymore, you can dump games easly with a few steps.

Note: I’m using iOS 14, so this tutorial might not be relevant for iOS 15 and above using rootless jailbreak

First, you need decrypted IPA that contains decrypted binary. There are many ways how to obtain it:
Decrypted IPA Downloader:,, or others. You don’t even need a jailbroken device, you just download a decrypted IPA straight forward via a web browser

b) iOS Tweaks: CrackerXI+, DumpDecryptor. Jailbroken iOS device is required

Once installed, open it and choose the app you want to install. The decrypted IPA will be stored in /var/mobile/Documents/.

c) Scripts: appdecrypt, frida-ios-dump, frida-ios-hook. PC and a jailbroken iOS device required. Read the instructions how to use it

d) Grab binary and global-metadata.dat manually from jailbroken device

  • Use Filza app.
  • Go to /var/containers/Bundle/Application/(App-UDID)/(AppName).app
  • Grab UnityFramework file from “/var/containers/Bundle/Application/(App-UDID)/(AppName).app/Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework/”. If it doesn’t exist, grab the binary file from “/var/containers/Bundle/Application/(App-UDID)/(AppName).app”. Usually the binary filename is usually same as (AppName).app folder.
  • Grab global-metadata.dat binary file from “/var/containers/Bundle/Application/(App-UDID)/(AppName).app/Data/Managed/Metadata/”

Keep in mind, the binary installed on the device might not be fully decrypted and may cause errors when dumping.

Transfering files from iOS to PC:
If you like, you can transfer the file to your PC using SSH. See tutorial how to setup SSH on iOS: How to Setup SSH Server on iPhone or iPad and transfer files from your PC? - Techglimpse
And use any FTP or SSH tool on your PC. I’m using WinSCP


Il2Cpp dumper tool

In order to dump il2cpp offsets, you need:

Once you downloaded the tool and obtained the decrypted IPA, binary or UnityFramework, we can proceed to dump the game

Reminder: If you attempt to dump encrypted binary/IPA, you will get an error "ERROR: This Mach-O executable is encrypted and cannot be processed.

Il2CppDumper GUI support drag and dropping IPA file straight forward.

If you use original Il2CppDumper, open IPA file using any Zip Utility and extract UnityFramework from “Payload/(AppName).app/Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework/” (or binary file "Payload/(AppName).app/(AppName)), and global-metadata.dat “Payload/(AppName).app/Data/Managed/Metadata/”.


Launch Il2CppDumper, select UnityFramework/binary file, then select global-metadata.dat

Once dumped successfully, you will have a dump.cs, DummyDll, and other files.


Have fun modding


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