How to install unsigned APK on NON-rooted devices (Virtual machine)

Hey guys, I wanna share the way to have install unsigned APK to login with Google without having to root your physical phone. Currently the only way to do is to use any VM apps with root access inside.

1. Install VM app of your choice:

2. After installation of VM, setup your VM and root it. Optionally, install Xposed. Usually root and Xposed can be enabled via settings or other ways, some VM comes with pre-rooted by default. Please search for tutorials how to root VM

3. Now, you can follow this tutorial how to disable signatures to install unsigned APK.

There are 2 methods

4. Enjoy playing modded unsigned apk on your non-root device!

If you can’t install unsigned APK for some reason, try follow this steps

I don’t like Virtual Machine. What about Virtual space?

So far only VirtualXposed can install unsigned APK, it has option to disable signature check, but it’s not a great app because it uses microG that doesn’t support Google Play Games

The guide how to install unsigned APK on VirtualXposed:

If you really want Google Play Games support on VirtualXposed, just to post a comment on the Github issue page >>>>>


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