How to disable signature verification to install unsigned APK (Rooted device/VMOS) (Lucky Patcher)

Can't login with your Google+ on modded games? Really need to uninstall Facebook? NO PROBLEM. Today, I will show you how to patch signature, so you can install any UNSIGNED modded apk. This is usally for rooted devices only but non-rooted devices can use any Virtual Machine apps which can be rooted:

What can you do after patching?
- Install Unsigned APK
- Install Unsigned APK over the original APK
- Install Signed APK over the original APK
- Login with your Facebook account without uninstalling Facebook app
- Login with your Google+ on modded games


- Rooted device or rooted Virtual Machine apps for non-rooted device

- Lucky Patcher app
- Busybox app (normal root) or Busybox for Android NDK (Magisk version). Busybox is not really required to patch, but it is recommended to install it to stop Lucky Patcher from warning you

1. Install BusyBox

For normal root with Superuser or SuperSU: Download Busybox app from Play Store: 
BusyBox - Apps on Google Play

You will be greeted with the Install BusyBox screen.
Simply click Install to install busybox

A message will show it was successful. If not, select a different installation location and try install again

For Magisk root: Download Busybox for Android NDK from Magisk Manager app

Click on the blue down arrow to install, and reboot to apply this module

Install and Open Lucky Patcher

4. Click "Toolbox"

If you only see 'back' and 'remove all saved purchases' like this:

Open settings, Force set root check -> Check "Force set root mode" and restart LP

5. Click Patch to Android

6. Disable signature verfication

For normal root with Superuser or SuperSU: Check Signature Verification status always true and Disable .apk Signature Verfication and click Apply.

Reboot the system. If it gets stuck, let it stuck for a minute and reboot


Now check if the patches are applied. Open Lucky Patcher -> Toolbox -> Patch to Android
If both are patched, that's good.
To be able to install unsigned APK or signed APK over the original, check the 3rd patch Disable signature verification in the package manager

Reboot your device again to apply the patches

For Magisk root: Check all 3 patches, check "Use the Magisk module to apply the patch", and click Apply

Click Yes to reboot

All 3 patches should be applied as expected. Sometimes
Disable signature verification in the package manager does not mark (patch applied), that's fine


If all test successful, everything is good now

Now you can install the unsigned modded apk



If you can't install unsigned APK, Install signed APK on top of original version without having to uninstall it. Your save data will be intact and Google login will still work until you reboot your device. Some games still logged in as Google even after it doesn't work, but don't log out because you can't login again until you install original APK


Don't like this way? Use CorePatch instead but requires Xposed


Warning to Magisk users: You must uninstall the Patch module before updating your firmware. Otherwise, there may be Bootloop

For normal root with Superuser or SuperSU: 
Open Toolbox -> Patch to Android. Select Remove all patches from core.jar and Apply and reboot.
Open Toolbox -> Patch to Android again. Select Remove all patches from services.jar and Apply and reboot again

For Magisk root: Open Magisk Manager app and uninstall the module Patches to Android (Lucky Patcher Module)

Xposed/EdXposed method:

AndnixSH (for creating this tutorial)
ChelpuS (for creating Lucky Patcher)


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