Android Emulator Notification Killer (For Nox and LDPlayer)

After Nox and LDPlayer developers ignored my hundreds of feedbacks to add the damn option to disable annoying installation notification, I have decided to develop a tool by my own to disable the notification by patching the executeable. It patches dnplayer.exe for all LDPlayer version, and Nox.exe and Qt5Widgets.dll for all Nox versions. Pardon my weird hex patches because lack of x86 assembly skills

** What about ads inside running Emulator?**
Just use AdAway app. If you use root, use root mode in AdAway for better experience so you don’t have to use VPN mode


Releases · AndnixSH/Android-Emulator-Notification-Killer

Note: This app requires administrator rights in order to patch the emulators

Any such report from your antivirus is a false positive and is due to how the application works. You must manually add the exe to your antivirus’s whitelist/exclusion list. If you have security concerns, simply do not use the app. Instead, patch manually by hand using Hex editor.



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