Always load all DLLs. Useful functions can be hidden in other DLL file

It was been long time I modded a protected PRG game. Last year it was protected by packer and it did detect emulator, root and memory editor. Today I looked into the game again and realized the developer dropped the packer protection and detection but .dll still protected. Hmm… don't know why. The game worked perfectly on rooted emulator with GameGuardian running. No fake crashes.

There is something wrong with the game. I couldn't find anything useful in Assembly-CSharp.dll file, just some useless behavior designer, effects etc, and dnSpy failed to decompile the code. I opened Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll but it also failed to decompile the code. I gave up and went to sleep cause I wasted my time


Next day, I had an idea. Load all DLLs into dnSpy and search and search. I finally found something useful functions that are not protected, MessageCS.dll. what the!?!? why is dev hiding useful functions in that file?


Tested the mod, it worked perfectly


So if you do not want to waste your time, make sure to load ALL DLL files, not Assembly-Csharp.dll. That way dnSpy can search more functions.

Good luck J


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