GameGuardian Lesson - Searching grouped “known” value.

Note: I re-shared this old tutorial because the original author deleted it

What is a group search? It is a special mode, where you are searching for multiply values in same time with thing in mind that this values located near each other.

What does this mean? Let’s check example.

This is a game named Greedy Cave – roguelike, with design borrowed from Don’t Starve.

Let’s make infinity HP and MP in Greedy Cave, shall we?

First open GameGuardian dashboard and select Greedy Cave as target application.

Now, open in-game menu and check your current HP and MP. 3,418 HP and 279 MP. Open GameGuarding and input this values through semicolon, like this: “3418;279” and start searching with “auto” mode selected.


Look what we have found here! We have found two addresses with “D”-letter and “W”-letter in them. Now, we can modify them and input any number we would like.


I don’t think it is good idea to input values too high, like “1,234,567”, so let’s input “9,999” only. Don’t forget to freeze them to prevent any changes.

Go back to the game and enjoy. Not you are immune to any attack and can spam magic like a crazy.  Great, isn’t? Well, to be fair, some enemies may kill you if they deal more than 10,000 damage in single turn. In this case just increase your HP to 99,999.

So, as you see group search help you to save time in searching for proper values and greatly saves time.

You can do group search with this syntax: “var1 ; var2 ; var3 ; … ; var10 : range

  •  var1-10 are values you would like to search. More values you input – slowly your search will be. Best practice is two-three values in same time. Use semicolon ( ; ) symbol to divided your values.
  •  range is completely optional. As you can see from example above, I did search without inputting range at all. Range is special parament represent how far away values can be from each other. If you don’t specify range, this will be automatically selected as “512”

More about range.

Imagine that one value (HP, for example) stores in 80,000,000 address, while another value (MP, for example) stores in 80,001,000 address. Your HP is 3,700 and MP is 2,500. If you try to do search with command “3700;2500:800” – you will find nothing, because between this two values 1,000 more address. However, if you will try to do “3700;2500:1500” – you will find this two values.

P.S. And since we are hacking this game, let’s also modify credits (or gold, if you will) in this game. My current balance is “4,726,294” and this value can be easily find and modify in whatever value we want.


Credits: greatestmeow


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