Il2CppInspector 2021 version (Windows)

I complied Il2CppInspector for other platforms so modders can use it on Linux or macOS without having to use Windows. Il2CppInspector does work on latest OS versions, Win10 x64, Mint 18.3 etc...


64-bit binaries:
Il2CppInspector does not currently support 64-bit IL2CPP binaries. 64-bit Mach-O files will be parsed without crashing but there is currently no support for 64-bit CPU architectures so automatic inspection will fail.

Il2CppInspector. Extract types, methods, properties and fields from Unity IL2CPP binaries.
·         Supports ELF (Android .so), PE (Windows .exe), Mach-O (Apple iOS/Mac) and Universal Binary (Fat Mach-O) file formats
·         Supports ARMv7, ARMv7 Thumb T1 and x86 architectures regardless of file format
·         Supports metadata versions 21, 22, 23 and 24
·         No manual reverse-engineering required; all data is calculated automatically
·         Syntax support for enumerations, events and delegates
·         Il2CppInspector re-usable class library for low-level access to IL2CPP binaries and metadata
·         Il2CppReflector re-usable class library for high-level .NET Reflection-style access to IL2CPP types and data as a tree model

Il2CppDumper <binary-file> <metadata-file> <output-file>

Il2CppDumper /home/username/desktop/ /home/username/desktop/global-metadata.dat /home/username/desktop/dumped.cs

Execute ./Il2CppDumper if not added in environment path

Defaults if not specified:
·         binary-file - searches for and GameAssembly.dll
·         metadata-file - global-metadata.dat
·         output-file - types.cs

File format and architecture are automatically detected.

For Apple Universal Binaries, multiple output files will be generated, with each filename suffixed by the index of the image in the Universal Binary. Unsupported images will be skipped.




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