GameGuardian Lesson - Getting Started

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What is GameGuardian?
GameGuardian is application for Android Operation System, which afford you to hack and modify memory, used by games and other software. Sounds complicated? Just look to screenshots below and you will quickly understand.
So, GameGuardian allow you to modify any numeric value (and not only numeric, but graphics data, like HP/MP bars, too).

As you can see GameGuardian designed to be your ultimate cheating and hacking solution.

There few features, you should know or be aware of:
  1. You NEED ROOT. Sorry, non-rooted devices will not support GameGuardian.
  2. GameGuardian is completely free. There is no paid functions or features. Everything completely free. However, your donations will be very nice and hardly appreciate. =)
  3. The performance of the program are very heavy based on your device’s CPU and memory. In other word – better your phone is, better and faster your program will be.
So, let’s move?

GameGuardian official site and authors

Official GameGuarding site is Beware, there are many scums in the Internet, who claimed that their ad-bloated sites are official residence of GameGuarding and they even asking money for this program! Assholes…

GameGuarding made by and maintained by four people:
  • d2dyno [Profile] – Owner, lead designer, project management.
  • Enyby [Profile#1] & [Profile#2] – Lead coder, project management.
  • Trasd [Profile] – Technical consultant, project management.
  • Aqua [Profile] – Creator (retired).
GameGuardian Download
Move on official GameGuarding’s site: and follow this instruction to download:

1. Click on “Download this file”; 2. Agree with Terms; 3. Wait until download is end.

You can find latest version of GameGuarding on this link:

GameGuardian Install

1. Now transfer installation file on your phone and tap on it to install.
2. Giving root access. One more time – you NEED ROOT to this APP works properly. You need grand root access few times.

NOTE: This is okay that name of GameGuardian changed from “GameGuardian” to some random gibberish like “yelbplyqvsly”.

This made in a order to bypass anti-cheat mechanism of some games. Nowdays games are searching for “GameGuardian” in your APP list and when they found “GameGuardian” they stop to work, telling you to delete this APP before playing the game. But if GameGuardian installed on your device with different absurd name like you see on screenshots below, anti-cheat mechanism of game will not work properly and you cheat freely.
3. That’s all. Now you have GameGuardian properly installed. You can find shortcut on your homepage.

NOTE: if, you have this message during the installation “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”, this means your device’s security settings are blocking installation APK not from Google Marker. You can disable it, by going into “Settings” – “Security” – “Unknown Sources: ON”
GameGuardian Update
If you installing newer GameGuardian over previous version installer will ask you to delete previous version from your device.
GameGuardian Uninstall
You can delete GameGuardian freely without any problem.
  1. Go in you APP list
  2. Find GameGuarding icon (in may names different, like some gibberish , it is okay)
  3. Delete it as any other program from your android.
  4. No restart or reboot needed.

Credit: greatestmeow


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