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JASI PATCHER is an automated patching tool for android intended to bypass restrictions in the apps & games, it includes custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoof, hooks, tools and utilities.


  • Android 4 or above
  • Root Access/Non Root
  • Xposed/Virtual Xposed (Optional)





Offline Simulation Of Android Market Servers For License And Billing, Store Purchases On Offline Databases.

Spoof To Mask IMEI Number, WiFi Mac Address, Bluetooth Mac Address, Hardware Serial, Manufacturer Serial, Brand, Manufacturer, Model, Device, Product, Hardware And Board.

App Manager
App Manager Features Like Clear Data, Kill App, Launch, Uninstall, Backup APK/Data And Restore APK/Data.

Rebooter For Soft Reboot, Reboot, Power Off, Reboot Safe Mode, Reboot Recovery, Restart SystemUI And Reboot Download.

Change Themes, Fonts, Orientation, Languages, Animations, Sorting, Import & Export Settings And Haptic Feedback.

Custom Patches, Universal Patches, Support Patches To Bypass Android Apps And Games Restrictions.

Hooks To Make All Apps Debuggable, Disable Debugger Connect Check, Disable Android Version Check On Install, Allow Downgrade Apps, Disable Signature Check, Disable Signature Of APK, Disable Overlay Detection.

Ad Blocker
Block The Ads Permanently Without Even Touching Any Apps/Games Or Remove Ads By Patching Target App.

Cleaner To Clean The Cache Partition,Cache Of All Apps,Wipe Dalvik Cache And Wipe Unused Dalvik Odex With One Click.

Proper Support On Telegram Group, Google Hangouts And Email.

Changelog (Latest Version)
v4.11 (01/Jun/2020)

  • Fixed some apps crashing when using billing emulation in previous release (critical fix).
  • Updated downgrade apps hook with android 7+ support.
  • Updated android version check on install.
  • Updated disable signature of apk hook with android 7+ support now you can modify any file inside apk and install without signing, hooks needs reboot to take effect.
  • Updated install apk with different signature over other same apk with different signature with android 7+ support, it is based on coderstory and it can install apk even when file is modified without resigning, so the above hook is useless for android 7+ if this is enabled.
  • Added disable flag secure to allow video recording and screenshot in protected apps.
  • Update install splits apks.
  • Removed extension check on file selector, but only APK/APKS file will be modified/installed in emulation, if you have splits apk with extension zip/xapk, rename it to apks and make sure MAIN apk with name as ‘base.apk’ exists in archive else it won’t work.
  • Bugs fixed.


Why I Can’t Update Patcher, It Says Application Not Installed ?
Please Uncheck ‘Hide Patcher’ Option In Patcher’s Settings And Try Again.

After Enabling License Hook I Get Internet Not Found Error In Target App ?
(License Hook Removed In v3.0) Try To Run Play Store And Press Home Button And Now Force Stop The Target App And Then Launch It

After Enabling License Emulation The App Is Still Not Licensed ?
Enable Target App In The ‘Select Apps’ Option In Emulation Fragment, If You Do Not Have Xposed Then This Option Can Not Be Clicked So Use ‘Support Emulate’ Patch From Universal Patch Fragment To Target App And Now Force Stop The App And Launch The App.

After Enabling Billing Emulation I Do Not Get Fake Purchase Pop Up In Target App ?
Enable Target App In The ‘Select Apps’ Option In Emulation Fragment, If You Do Not Have Xposed Then This Option Can Not Be Clicked So Use ‘Support Emulate’ Patch From Universal Patch Fragment To Target App And Now Force Stop The App And Launch The App And Now While Buying The Pop Up Will Come.

Billing Pop Up Come But When I Purchase, It Does Not Reflect The Purchase ?
Some Apps Require You To Relaunch Them So Force Stop Or Clear App From Recent And Now After Launching It Again They Should Be In Bought State.

Some Of The Apps Does Not Work With Root Emulation But With Xposed Emulation ?
Emulation With Root Has Limitation Because To Work It Depends On Target Application’s Code Where As In Xposed Emulation Nothing Is Required From Target App, If It Does Not Work Then Most Probably Patcher Is Unable To Inject In Target App So Use Xposed Emulation Because It’s Just A Quality.

It Says Classes.dex N1 Patched And Classes2.dex N1 Failed But App Is Patched, How ?
Patch Has Custom Patterns For Example N1 And N2 Are Two Different Patterns, It Is Not Necessary N1 Will Be In All Classes.dex, So It Should Say N1 Patched At Least Once In Any Of The Multi Classes.dex Present In App, It Can Be Found In All Classes.dex Or Some Of Them Depend On App So What Matters Different Patterns N1 Or N2 Both Should Say Patched At Least Once In Result No Matters How Many Multi Classes.dex Are Present In App, You Can Try Run The Target App To See The Outcome.

It Says Patch For Version v1.0.0 - v2.0.0 In Custom Patch But When Try Patching On v1.2.0 It Failed ?
It Means The Patch Supplied In Custom Patch For Target App Is Tested On Old Version v1.0.0 And Latest Version v2.0.0 So It May Not Be Possible Every Time It Will Patch Middle Of Versions Or Older Than v1.0.0 Or Newer Than v2.0.0, It May Work Or May Not But It Should Work On Those It Is Tested With For Sure.

Fake Billing Pop Up Does Not Come Even After Force Stopping The App ?
Try To Turn Internet On Because Some Apps Detect If Internet Is Off And If Off Then Does Not Send Request For Buying.

When Launching Patcher I Get Black Screen ?
In Your Root Management App Make Grant Root As Default Setting, Once Patcher Gets Root Access You Can Change Root Management App’s Settings Back To Previous One.


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