List of tweaks to bypass jailbreak detection

Here are the currently known Jailbreak Bypasses available in no particular order

You do not need to whitelist apps if any deb hacks/cheats have JB bypass build-in

Not all apps works, you would have to ask tweak developer to add support, or search for tutorial, especially on reddit


Kernel bypass may be some risks involved. Use it at your own risk

Download from repo: Packix

Download from repo: Merona Repo

Download from repo: jjolano’s iOS Tweaks

Liberty Lite
Download from repo:

Download from repo: julioverne’s Repo

Vnodebypass (it will disable all tweaks when turned on)
Download from repo: Will feel Tips

Vnodebypass CC Module (Requires Vnodebypass installed)
Download from repo:

Download from repo:

Fly-JB (Original repo has been deleted)
Repo mirror: Pancakeufo’s Repository or FlyJB Backup Repo
Repo mirror 2: FlyJB

KernBypass (May not work on Uncover JB)
Download from repo:

FlyJB-X (kernel bypass)
Currently cause problems with Cydia. Use it at your own risk
Reddit link:

Bypass for specific apps

MKTBypass** (Mario Kart Tour)
Download from repo: Ramen’s Repo

PeacockTV, Switch Online, Pocket Camp, COD Mobile, FateGo
See reddit page:


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