CrackerXI+ - Decrypt IPA binary on jailbroken iOS

CrackerXI+ is a free iOS utility for jailbroken iOS devices developed to decrypt installed iOS apps and generate fakesigned IPA or binary files. With a decrypted IPA file you can easily share the package or use them to modify the code and inject dylibs.

CrackerXI+ can be downloaded from the repo: How to Install AppCake | AppCake Cydia Repo

How to decrypt IPA or binary:

  1. Open CrackerXI+ app

  2. Refresh the app list to display all installed apps.

  3. Tap on the Settings panel to enable CrackerXI Hook.


  1. Navigate back to the app list and click on an app to decrypt.

  2. Select “YES, Full IPA” if you want to decrypt IPA or “YES, Binary Only” if you want to decrypt binary only.


  1. Decrypting will take a few seconds.

  2. Once completed, the generated file will be located in /var/mobile/Documents/CrackerXI folder.



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