How to download single APK with lib folder on

Tried of split APK? You can download single APK with lib folder from Apkcombo. Not all games comes with single APK tho

How to download single APK
It’s pretty simple

Visit Apkcombo:

Search for the game you like to download. It shows the link to download single APK by default


And under APK Variants, you have options to download single APK or bundle (Split) APK


How to force download ARMv7 single APK
Don’t like ARM64 APK? follow steps below

Get the package name of the app from Playstore or anywhere



Visit Apkcombo Download page

Put the package name in the search bar, not just name. Otherwise, this trick will not work

Select Architecture armeabi-v7a, and click Download

And download ARMv7 APK

Note: Some games dropped ARMv7, so it may not be available



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